about me

Graphic design and illustration in the Cardano NFT community

hi! i’m rafa, industrial and graphic designer from a coruña (spain), born in 1980.

I’ve been working for years in my own design studio, making and selling my home & decor accessories, using a personal brand I created, called oitenta.

passionate about drawing and illustration since i was a kid. inspired by all sorts of creative styles, from comics, manga and classic drawing to cutting edge 3d renderings and motion graphics. I just love to fin new artwork!

i love learning and experimenting with total creative freedom and that is why i’ve created this alter ego, pixelado, through which i create my own nft projects, such as Ash & Tray, while at the same time i do collaborations, 1:1s and also help others with their projects providing them graphic design services.

i hope you like my work,


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