Ash and Tray Episode 03 Influencers. Collectors Edition. Cardano NFT comic stories

Episode #03 now available!

In this episode the plot Ash & Tray are happy with their success and they discuss about influencers, advertising and promotion, always a hot topic! Let’s see how that goes…

Monthly digital comic strip and exclusive collectible NFTs in the Cardano blockchain.

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Ash & Tray PodcastersSeason 1. «The podcasters»

Ash and Tray have realized that there are people making money as youtubers and they want their piece of the cake. That’s why they decided to create their own Late Night Live Show. Will their appeal and charisma be enough to succeed? Let’s see how they do!


Episode 03. Influencers

Ash & Tray are happy with their success and celebrating a new venture with their community. Eventually, they discuss about influencers, advertising and promotion oportunities, always a hot topic! Let’s see how that goes…

Episode 02. The Fan

Ash & Tray are streaming their late night live show and celebrating their success and their growing community, let’s see how that goes.

Episode 01. Welcome fellowers!

Ash & Tray begin their journey as emerging streaming stars with their new Late Night Live Show, let’s see how that goes.


Ash & Tray is a monthly CNFT comic strip about two despicable dudes and their ordinary lives.

Ash & Tray are two mediocre guys in their fifties. The world has come a long way since their youth, but they haven’t.

Ash & Tray is created, hand drawn and written by

On the first Thursday of each month a new episode will be released and it will be available in two limited CNFT editions:

  • The Regular Edition: Includes a 5-7 panels comic strip NFT (jpg cover + pdf subfile). Limited to 1000 units.
  • The collector’s Edition: Includes a 5-7 panels comic strip NFT (jpg cover + pdf subfile) with a special cover design + 1x collectible NFTs + short extra 2-3 panels comic strip airdropped to holders at mid month. Limited to 100 numbered units.

The purchase will be made exclusively through the project website:

At the time of the launch of each new episode, the Buy now buttons will be activated on the web. On click they will display information, purchase options and payment address. This will allow you to make the payment and receive your CNFT in your wallet. Send the exact amount of ADA using Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami or any other Cardano wallet and your NFT will be secured. DO NOT send ADA from an exchange! The address you send your payment from is the address we will be sending your NFT.

The purchase will be enabled until each edition is sold out. Any payments made after the sales window closes or after sold out will be returned to the sender.

You’d be able to find Ash & Tray as a verified collection on the secondary marketplaces such as, Genesis House, and

Once you receive your Ash & Tray CNFT comic, you’ll receive it in your Cardano wallet. This CNFT consist on a jpg cover and a pdf subfile with the comic itself. In order to read it you can go to, use the search and copy your wallet address, this will show your wallet’s assets. Select your Ash & Tray NFT and click on it. On detail view you’ll find the pdf available for download. That’s all, enjoy! We are working on a 2.0 version for future episodes to make this process easier.